Robo bore drilling in Hyderabad

Borewell drilling for apartments in Hyderabad with limited regions around them requires short-length borewells or Robo borewells. The upside of utilizing Robo bore drilling in Hyderabad from IRA Tech is that the borewell drilling machine can be moved effectively through small and narrow streets.

IRA Tech Borewell - the Robo bore drilling in Hyderabad has thought of cutting edge short-length borewell drilling machinery that can bore borewells effectively in busy street areas or with very little space. The short-length borewells are associated with large borewell drilling equipment that can cycle the borewell boring speedy and simple way. The borewell Drilling expense is additionally reasonable and saves time giving quality groundwater.

Various local areas in Hyderabad have less open space around their home however have extraordinary underground water source. Our ROBO borewell drillers are state of the art developments with fine subtleties that associates in penetrating borewell even in obliged regions with less space. Assuming your home has extremely less space and have issue for water source, experiencing the same thing Robo borewell is the best answer for that. To finish ROBO borewell at your home space. IRA tech is the expertise in Robo bore drilling in Hyderabad.

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PVC Pipes

We use high quality Casing pipes for your borewell drilling, which is the reliable and has long life. We are using industry qualitative PVC compound, our leak proof Borewell Casing Pipes are known for their easy installation and anti-corrosiveness. Our casing pipes provide low friction and high flow characteristics.

Terms & Conditions

1)Sand, boulders, black stone,1.25inch or yield of water there ll not be forcible drilling.
2)50fts minimun casing amount.
3)5nos gunny bags .
4) advance 50000/-.
5)MRO municipal & police problem ll b owners risk.


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